Accessories to our products can be found here. A new lock to your post box or perhaps a stand if you are not able to mount your post box against a wall or fence.


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Stand for post box - FlexboxStand for post box - Flexbox
Sale price419,00 kr
X-lock Black - Flexbox
Sale price239,00 kr
Raw key material - Flexbox
Sale price36,00 kr
ASSA lock cleaner/DE-ICER - Flexbox
Sale price179,00 kr
Lock multi occupancy box - Flexbox
Sale price179,00 kr
ASSA Lock spray - Flexbox
Sale price179,00 kr
News paper holder - FlexboxNews paper holder - Flexbox
Sale price239,00 kr
Sold out
Flexbox mounting stand - FlexboxFlexbox mounting stand - Flexbox
Sale price2.279,00 kr
Sign holder stainless steel - FlexboxSign holder stainless steel - Flexbox
Sale price239,00 kr